Locksmith production

SEGOPAL TECH s.r.o. company provides comprehensive services in the production of welded structures and steel locksmith elements.
We carry out orders according to specific customer requirements, so-called “turnkey” or with the possibility of cooperation and collaboration in the customer’s production.
It is a serial and piece production of parts and assemblies according to the customer’s wishes, all in high quality and accuracy, including the required surface treatment.

TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) – electric arc welding using a non-melting electrode and a protective atmosphere of inert (inert) gas. In this welding method, an electric arc burns between the non-melting electrode and the base material being welded. The most significant advantage of TIG welding is excellent control over the weld pool. TIG is simply precise. Due to the fact that, unlike other methods of electric arc welding, there is no constant supply of additional material to the bath, the welder can much better influence the weld pool and thus the properties of the welded joint.

MIG_MAG (CO2) – the method of arc welding with a melting electrode in a shielding gas uses the heat of the electric arc between the continuously supplied wire (electrode) and the weldment. During this process, the molten wire is transferred to the welding site. The molten wire and the welding bath are protected by a shielding gas. The protective atmosphere is supplied exclusively by an external source – the gas tank of the cylinder or the gas distribution.


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