Cyclone separator

Cyclone separator

It is a mechanical dust separator, which uses centrifugal forces acting on dust particles entrained in the extracted air to separate dust. The incoming mixture of air and dust enters the cyclone separator in the upper part – in the eccentric rise, which causes this mixture to rotate around the axis of the cyclone. Due to the centrifugal force, the dust particles slide on the inner surface of the tube of the cyclone separator and are carried downwards by gravity towards the discharge flange. The air leaves at the top of the cyclone separator. For the correct function of the cyclone, it is necessary to ensure the pressure separation of the waste dump from the surrounding environment, so that the flow inside the cyclone is not affected or air escapes through the neck of the dump.

The cyclone separator (cyclone separator) consists of a cylindrical shell with a hopper, which is welded on a four-legged stand. A cylindrical dust container is attached to the hopper by means of quick-release fasteners. A suction opening is located in the side part of the cyclone housing. The air, freed of most impurities, is blown out in the upper part of the cyclone through an exhaust nozzle terminated by a connecting flange.

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