Auger conveyor

Auger conveyor

Screw conveyor / Auger produced by Segopal TECH s.r.o. is a machine designed for the transport of bulk non-abrasive materials. The material is conveyed by means of a worm welded on a central shaft, rotating in a worm box in the shape of a tube or trough.

The machine is designed for assembly into technological units for the preparation of feed mixtures for animals and similar industrial plants, consisting of storage equipment for materials and subsequent technological equipment for the processing of bulk materials.

Based on demand, we can offer the production of atypical augers (dimensions and material according to customer requirements).

  • economical and reliable operation
  • minimum maintenance requirements
  • any length according to customer requirements
  • easy cleaning of the whole machine
  • low energy and economic intensity
Transported material:
  • cereals, meal
  • wood chips, straw and wood waste
  • cement, concrete mix, plastics
  • coal, ash, salt, spices, feed
  • wastes, sludges, steel chips
Screw conveyor variants:


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