Complete pelletizing line

We offer large-capacity pelletizing lines for biomass processing. Our technologies are implemented in a modular design with a minimum guaranteed output from 250 kg/hour to 1200 kg/hour.

The basis of the pelletizing line are sections, which are supplemented by other additional or alternative devices according to the type of selected input raw materials and according to the degree of automation.

  • vibrating hopper with screw conveyor
  • milling cutter
  • below level hopper with screw conveyor
  • boiler
  • drying cylinder
  • large cyclone with 18kW exhaust fan
  • turnstile with screw conveyor
  • mixer
  • 2x bucket conveyor
  • standing mixer
  • steam blender
  • pellet press
  • 4x belt conveyor
  • cooler
  • hopper with drum sieve
  • big bag filler with scale and tray
  • 15kg bag packer

During the elaboration of the technological project the current customer conditions requirmnets are respected. The composition of the technology is implemented with minimal need for building modification and negative production affect.


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