Mixer (vertical)

Mixer (vertical)

Standing vertical stationary mixers produced by Segopal TECH s.r.o. is a machine designed for mixing dry bulk mixtures and similar material such as cereals, feed mixtures. Mixer is suitable for the preparation of various bulk materials for granulation in the woodworking and agricultural sectors. Mixer is designed for installation in technological units according to the requirements for specifically specified and technical requirements of the customer.

Device consists hopper of material intended for mixing (silo); conveyor and subsequent technological devices for mixing the material. The stationary mixing device is driven by a gearbox with an electric motor with an output of 400 V (1,5kW – 4kW). The method of mixing is based on the movement of the bulk material inside the mixing chamber up and down, both around the circumference and in the middle of the mixing device, with the intention of achieving the highest mixing properties.

Technical parameters:


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